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Petrol Ofisi AS PLOFY
phone 90 212 329 15 00 email
map Eski Büyükdere Caddesi No:33-37 Maslak 34398 İstanbul Turkey
Brief Company Profile

Established in 1941 by the Turkish State as a “State Economic Enterprise” with a mission to make fuel and lubricants available for public and private enterprises, as well as private consumers. With continuous investments and improvements since its privatization in July 2000, Petrol Ofisi has continued its leadership in Turkish fuel-distribution & lubricants industry, further strengthening its bond with its consumers through innovative products and high quality, consumer-focused services.

Becoming a joint stock company in 1983, Petrol Ofisi was included in State Privatization Program in 1991; and fully privatized in 2000. The main shareholders of Petrol Ofisi are, Doğan Holding (54,17 %) that is one of the strongest groups focusing on energy, media, finance, trade, industry and tourism in Turkey and OMV (41.58 %) the leading energy group in European growth belt; while 4,25 % shares are traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Bringing services to all of Turkey’s 81 cities and to over 850 boroughs with country’s largest network consisting of 2500 fuel stations, 10 fuel terminals, 2 LPG terminals, 35 air-supply units, a lubricant plant and a storing capacity of approximately 1 million cubic meters, Petrol Ofisi is a close companion to its customers in every road of the country; whether on land, on air or on the sea.

Petrol Ofisi has the strategy of continuing its consumer-focused services with innovative, high quality products; while enlarging its portfolio to cover the other fields of oil and lubricants industry.

In line with this strategy, Petrol Ofisi invested in what is the largest natural gas production project in Turkey’s territorial waters. The project concerns the natural gas production sites and exploration licenses in the offshore waters near Akçakoca, for which the Petrol Ofisi has acquired 26.75% of Toreador Türkiye Ltd. Sti. Following the requisite approval by the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Turkey, this share transfer makes Petrol Ofisi the second largest shareholder in the project after TPAO, Turkey’s state-owned upstream oil company. The share transfer transaction itself is the biggest of its kind in Turkish Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry.

Petrol Ofisi has another foreign investment, the PO Georgia, which is established in 2007 with a 100 % Petrol Ofisi investment, to procure and sell fuel products from domestic and foreign markets, to organize the distribution, storage and further sell refinery by-products within Georgia.

Petrol Ofisi’s net profit  for 2009 has been USD 186 million (TL 287,4 million). The net sales in 2009 reached USD 9,119 billion (TL 14,095 billion). The strong bond with the consumers that developed throughout the long years of Petrol Ofisi’s presence in every part of the country forms a unique legacy, combined with the company’s corporate values calling for: Responsible, caring and innovative leadership based on transparent, open and mutually supportive relations, dedicated to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

In order to keep up with this legacy, Petrol Ofisi is committed to keep improving the customer experience it offers; as well as its already large scale involvement in supporting the social development through various social responsibility programs and sponsorships it partnership with leading NGOs, as well as the company’s dealers and employees.

Petrol Ofisi undertook a social responsibility initiative for a bright future, by entering into a strategic alliance and partnership with the “Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG)”, a leading NGO in Turkey. This initiative aims to contribute to the personal development of the youth, while encouraging them to take an active role in the society as responsible citizens.

Heart-bond is the motto for this Petrol Ofisi - Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) joint initiative. The initiative aims to support the youth and the local social projects that they develop.

Furthermore, Petrol Ofisi continues to support the “Daddy, Send Me To School” project, since its launch in 2005. The project provides financial support for the schooling of thousands of young girls from underprivileged backgrounds.








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